An email you can read in 5 mins [Letter 9/365]

[Letter 9/365]

Feb 05, 2025

11.13 PM

A Shorter Than Usual Email 🏴

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  1. Madman
  2. Make your own luck
  3. Write your own paycheck
  4. Identity change masterclass
  5. I’m going dark
  6. Reader, Your time will come
  7. Life’s Marathon: The Journey over the destination
  8. The quest for purpose: A path to follow or a goal to pursue?
  9. Don’t read this before midnight
  10. Personal success clues
  11. Everything I know about running a newsletter business
  12. Personal brand email course
  13. The content gameplan for 2024
  14. The “advanced” guide for a LinkedIn visual brand identity
  15. Branding masterclass: Positioning & niching case study
  16. The business of personal branding, simplified

Can you do me a favor and tell me which one was your favorite?

Till next time,

Your misfit friend.

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